Lightkeeper's core technologies are chosen for their flexibility and robustness, for superior performance and security. Whether handling daily data loading on the back end or depicting graphs, charts, tables, and commentary — move beyond static reports to a fully interactive experience.

Additionally, Lightkeeper, LLC® has developed proprietary technology internally to help with all the tasks and requirements which make analysis and reporting more arduous or difficult. These technologies are designed to dovetail with industry standards and vendor capabilities for a seamless experience for the user.

Reduce your technology costs while improving the speed and quality of information — Lightkeeper's efficient technologies can improve return on your infrastructure investment.

Separate Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Everything in the VPC account is owned by the client, and maintained on client's behalf.

Network Secured

Data transported over the Internet is SSL encrypted or transferred over SFTP for administrator data. Access can be limited to specific IP ranges. Server-based control commands are SSH encrypted.

Secure Access with Keys

Client supplies access key to Lightkeeper. Cipher keys and SSH keys pairs used to access protected data. Run-time security keys installed to instance on launch.

Available Dashboards

Client can review network security information through their dashboard supplied by Lightkeeper's cloud services.

User Authorization

Individual user accounts. Users authorized to specific servers within the VPC. User Access can be limited to specific IP ranges. Access restricted to sub-portfolio (e.g. individual fund or sleeve)

Data Protected

Files are individually GPG encrypted. Local drives encrypted with LUKS.