Our implementation process is extremely collaborative and client focused. We partner with each of our clients to create a configurable software solution designed to meet each fund's requirements, as well as those of an individual user. We promote client designed workflows to support intuitive portfolio exploration for investor relations, risk management, and operational processes.

Lightkeeper, LLC® continues to work closely with our clients — most commonly with workflow iterations based on the client's changing needs, as well as in the introduction of new features and functionality around Lightkeeper releases.

Implementation with Lightkeeper is a highly collaborative process that focuses on understanding a client's work flows and information needs. From connecting with your data sources, to guiding users through Lightkeeper's powerful tools and features, to configuring dynamic report templates — the Lightkeeper implementation experience addresses the needs of both the business and of each of its users. The process includes ongoing follow-ups to ensure the tools and analytics continue to evolve and meet a firm's shifting requirements.