Our ideal candidate will have skills on three dimensions: Programming, quantitative, and finance — and we are willing to trade off quantitative skills for financial knowledge and vice-versa, etc.

Lightkeeper can offer a high-demand career path for someone with programming skills. We offer a potential hire the opportunity to write code that needs to manipulate and calculate upon large data sets in a highly automated setting. This is not a role where the person is tweaking parameters of an off the shelf solution. They will build, create, and customize the solution.

We often face unique quantitative challenges, and we bring diverse quantitative tools to address those challenges: visualization, machine learning, and natural language processing to name a few. The potential hire will be able to work with those tools, as well as interact directly with senior personnel that have decades of experience in these areas.

Our problem space is in finance, specifically in the hedge fund space. This is a business that is normally all but closed off to recent graduates. Our work will bring the potential hire into close proximity with all roles within the hedge fund business: portfolio manager, chief financial officer, and investor relations. They will gain a broad perspective and detailed insights into the hedge fund business.

Programming skill is an absolute prerequisite. We recognize that programming experience is often obtained as a means to an end and takes many forms: academic, hobby, and work related. We are not particular about how someone has learned to code, but they must know how to code.

Quantitative skills are also important as much of the work we do requires facility with statistical notions and comfort with calculation. As in the case of programming, quantitative skills can be obtained in many ways, we are looking for "math-y" people, not specific expertise

Financial knowledge is also important. When dealing with the problems we face, it is often the case that an understanding of what a statistic means is critical to finding a solution.