Lightkeeper™ is built on three core data technologies: aggregation, computation, and exploration. The UI is the primary interface for interactive data exploration within Lightkeper. The development challenge in the UI is not only managing the scale of data available to be presented, but providing simplicity in the face of the data complexity.. Being able to iterate quickly on designs is critical because there are many viewpoints on how things are presented and it is often easier to understand a prototype than a concept.

A good fit for our team is someone who can adapt and contribute to different areas of the system depending on the need. Getting your hands dirty and being willing to dig into a new problem is both critical to do the job well and what keeps it interesting. Lightkeeper is developed using both static and dynamic languages, combining the best of the open source world with custom developed solutions for domain specific problems.

  • Build upon existing UI features and create new experiences through thoughtful design
  • Implement automated tests throughout the various layers of the UI
  • Develop UI components with the goal of highly modular and testable code
  • Assess client feedback, translate into requirements, and generate actionable tasks for development
  • Provide the customization clients expect with a bias towards simplicity and intuitive interfaces

  • BA / BS degree
  • 3 to 5 years of experience
  • Positive attitude with strong communication skills necessary to interact both internally and externally with clients
  • Self-motivated, strong work ethic and interested in working in a startup environment
  • Strong understanding of the javascript language including features, patterns, and shortcomings
  • Ability to work directly with HTML, CSS, javascript, and jQuery
  • Understanding of the HTTP protocol’s methods and response codes
  • Experience with a modern web framework/library such as React, Angular, Backbone, Ember or Knockout
  • Experience with an interactive charting library such as Highcharts or D3

  • Utility and package management tools such as: nodejs+npm, sass, webpack, grunt, or browserify
  • Testing libraries such as: phantomjs, mocha+chai, karma, or jasmine
  • .NET Web API, MVC, or any C# / .NET experience
  • Python
  • ES6 / ECMAScript 2015 feature set

About Lightkeeper — Lightkeeper is a rapidly growing and innovative software company looking to add talented people to its team. Our firm is committed to providing financial services firms with the tools necessary to intuitively access and analyze all relevant portfolio information through a unified platform.

Send us a resumé and cover letter: or submit your resumé via the website.