The LightkeeperTM Portfolio Intelligence platform provides investment professionals a light-weight, mobile and highly configurable software solution for portfolio analytics and reporting. Lightkeeper's innovative tools enable intuitive visualizations and in-depth discovery. Instead of relying on static reports, Lightkeeper ingests and synchronizes your relevant portfolio information and makes the data visual and interactive configured to each clients specifications. With Lightkeeper, investment professionals can analyze important information with the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen as well as automate and institutionalize traditionally manual reporting processes.
Lightkeeper eclipses $100 Billion in Hedge Fund assets on the Lightkeeper Platform

In a workspace where traditional technologies can dominate, LightkeeperTM introduces an intuitive, light-weight, cost effective solution. Manage and manipulate large portfolio data sets, and view innovative visualizations to inform and alert you whenever and wherever you need. Instead of relying on static reports, Lightkeeper integrates your portfolio data and makes it visual, interactive, and mobile. With Lightkeeper, investment professionals can now analyze important information with the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen.

Our implementation process is extremely collaborative and client focused. We partner with each of our clients to create a configurable software solution designed to meet their needs and requirements, as well those of a specific user. We promote client designed workflows to support intuitive portfolio exploration, investor relations, risk management, and operational processes. Lightkeeper continues to work closely with our clients — most commonly with workflow iterations based on the changing needs of our clients, as well as in the introduction of new features and functionality around Lightkeeper releases.

Complementing the Lightkeeper founders are experienced development professionals, PhDs and specialists in the areas of mathematics, statistics, computer science, business, economics, and research science. All of their careers have included roles with professional investment firms and / or financial software companies. Lightkeeper has assembled an advisory board comprised of senior executives in asset management, financial software, and the legal communities.

By leveraging the latest technologies, Lightkeeper has dramatically simplified the aggregation, computation, and exploration of these data sets. Lightkeeper's core technologies are chosen for their flexibility and robustness, for superior performance and security — enabling you to move beyond static reports to a fully interactive experience. Additionally, Lightkeeper has developed proprietary technology internally to help with all the tasks and requirements which make analysis and reporting more arduous or difficult. Our efficient technologies can also bring down the total cost of ownership, for improved return on your infrastructure investment.

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